I Def Understand You Now, Miley C.

Looks who's posting twice today! Hello! So last night MTV premiered Miley Cyrus'  The Movement documentary, at first I was hesitant about watching it because I just figured it would be a lot of her twerking and her promoting her new album. A lot of my twitter followers were talking about it so I decided to give the second airing a shot. And I must say that I have a new found respect for homegirl Miley. After her VMA performance I really didn't know how to feel bout her. I thought she was just going for a huge publicity stunt in hopes that it would boost her album sales but that wasn't her goal at all (although I'm sure it will help) She explained it as this being her time to find herself and as her taking full creative control over her music. I mean the girl was stuck in the Hannah Montana character for years and I'm actually glad that she broke away from the whole America's sweetheart persona. I wish a few other artists would do the same and show some growth (cough,cough Taylor Swift). miley_cyrus

Do I think the wild Miley will last? No. Because she will continue to grow and learn more about herself and what she likes. And who wasn't a little crazy in their early 20s?! Lies you tell if you try to deny it. So to you Miley, you go girl..you and your movement.

PS. If you were to slide me Liams number I'd forever be grateful.


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