Nailed It | Tight Rope x Blue By!

Before I start this post I would just like to make it known that I have fallen in love with the store $5 Below, if you're unfamiliar its like a $1 store on crack. They have everything from party supplies to video games to Ipad cases. Seriously EVERYTHING! And its real close to pushing Target right out of my top spot. I said all that to say that I finally got a chance to try the Sally Hansen Salon Effects nail polish strips when I found them there for only $3. tight_rope_1

I have been wanting to try these for awhile now but was kind of worried that they either would be hell trying to apply or wouldn't last long. And I didn't wan't to spend the $8 for them in Target and not be satisfied. So when I found them for 3 bucks I was all over it! (Hello! Bargain shoppa!) I picked the "Tight Rope" design because of the light blue and burgundy colors. If you check the Sally Hansen sight you can see there are A LOT of different designs to choose from.

To my surprise they were really easy and quick to put on too. Just find the correct size for your nail. Stick. Go. I applied a clear top coat over it just for some extra protection but according to the box its supposed to last for 10 days. AND its easily removable with nail polish remover.

So why did I only use the designs on two fingers you ask? Well because I I was feeling creative and wanted to match it with a solid color polish and I felt the design on all 10 fingers would be a little busy. So I paired it with one of my favorite Sally Hansen colors "Blue By!" from their Insta-Dri collection.


My nails turned out REALLY cute! I love the design and believe it is actually worth the normal $8 price. If applied correctly it looks like you actually wen't to get a professional manicure.


Cute right? Sally Hansen also has these gel nail polish strips that are supposed to last for 2 weeks. They are a little more pricier than the regular strips but may be worth it if you can go a full two weeks without it chipping.

Viva la Hump Day Honeys.


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