October Wishes & Wants

What do I have to do to make the remainder of this year slow down? Seriously I'm not ready for this thing to end. Anyways, Hello October I'm a little pleased to meet you. This month my only wish is that I learn how to properly use my time. There are a crap load of things I just added to my to-do lists and I really need to stop using "I don't have enough time" as an excuse. I mean I work from home and its not like I have kids (although I wish I could enroll these dogs into doggy-daycare) and my social life is still slightly non-existent, so what they heck am I doing with all of my time?! So this month I'm going to try a few different things to get the most out of my day. Getting up earlier, not watching endless amounts of Netflix and possibly putting the dogs in their crates so I'm not distracted by their snores and need to annoy me. Oh and no more random online window shopping, it just leads to a list of things I want (and often cant afford) and throws me all off track.

Speaking of wants.

I WANT (read NEED) this Kate Spade bag. No, I can't afford it. But gahh I'm a sucka for leopard print. Its big and unnecessary, just how I like it.kate_spade_bag

Oh and I NEED a desk, preferably this one from IKEA. I think a lot of my issues with concentrating and getting things done is because I'm still trying to work form my couch/bed. I need a designated work area, like yesterday.yellow_ikea_desk

And that is about it for October, now to find a Halloween Party worth dressing up for and a Haunted House that will scare the hell out of me and I'll be good. What are you looking forward to most for October?

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