Its Really Hoodies and Leggings Season..To Be Real

Lately since the weather is changing there have been A LOT of Fall essentials posts running around the blog-oshphere, I mean A LOT (no shade fashy bloggers) That's all fine and dandy, I've actually enjoyed getting new ideas on how to re-camp my Fall wardrobe. I even did a similar post not too long ago. But lets be real the best thing about cold weather (in my opinion) is being able to curl up and be comfortable and most of the time you can't do comfortable with a full blown planned outfit on. So me being the helpful person that I am, here are a few of my favorite Fall essentials that never really seem to be mentioned.real_fall_essentials_1


I like to think of myself as a "leggings connoisseur". If I could, I would wear them every day all day till the day I kill over. Seriously I'm obsessed. I also think people give sweatpants a bad name, not all have to look sloppy and worn like you had a long night (see above Phillip Lim for Target sweats)



Another fav of mine is the hoodie, whether its your boo's hoodie, siblings hoodies (sorry Bria) or one you can't seem to let go no matter how stained it is. Nothing says comfort quite like a hoodie. No buttons, no problems.



I'm not sure why men hate Uggs so much but tis the season so fellas better deal. Comfy cozy and socks are optional. Slide em on and go. What more could a girl ask for?

Can't forget v-neck tees, thermals and toboggans/skullies (depending on where you are from). Getting fully dressed everyday is cool but no one wants to hassle with tall boots, pea coats and itchy sweaters all winter long.

What are some of your favorite comfy pieces?


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