What They Don't Tell You Before You Start A Buisness

I should probably be writing this over on the Eclectic Star blog (since that is my business) but I'm already logged in here,so yea..anyways. I'm knee deep into this whole entrepreneurship thing and although this has been the most interesting yet fulfilling year of my life it has also been extremely DIFFICULT. Before taking "the leap" and starting my own business..I read. And I mean I read everything! I wanted to know the ends and outs of being an entrepreneur and major things I should expect. So when the time came you couldn't tell me I wasn't fully prepared. Well, I wasn't prepared and honestly once I was in it I had no idea what I had gotten myself into. Yes all those business books I read said it would be hard, they said that many wouldn't be able to handle it. But THEY failed to leave out a few details. So for anyone planning to go into business for themselves or may have just started. Here is the truth on how running your own business really is (in my opinion and from experience of course). Please don't let this scare you because it really is a positive message. This is just the advice I needed a year ago. what_they_dont_tell_you_before_you_start_a_business

Some mornings you are going to wake up and not know what the hell you are doing. Seriously you will feel more confused than you've ever been. But the hardest part about that is realizing it's OK to feel that way. You don't know everything, and you never will. And that is cool.

You may get so caught up in money that you forget why you started. I'm going through this now. Even though money is a very important part of running a business, it can easily make you forget about why you started in the first place. You don't wan't your passion to begin to feel like just another job.

Comparing yourself to others is sickening. I can't begin to tell you how many times I've looked at other business owners and wondered how they could afford all these nice trips and fancy things when I was still on a serious budget living with my mama. Or how others have received so much success after only being in business a couple months when I've been in it over a year and haven't received nearly as much. Comparing yourself to others will drive you crazy. Don't allow your mind to get caught up in it. Everyone's journey is unique, what works for them may not work for you and vice versa.

IT WILL BE ONE OF THE HARDEST AND MOST EXHAUSTING THINGS YOU WILL EVER DO. I feel like it's so easy for people to talk about the "good times" of being an entrepreneur and how that leap of faith is so worth it. But people rarely give it to you straight. YES BEING AN ENTREPRENEUR IS VERY WORTH IT, but I can't even to being to tell you the amount of times I've cried because things are not working out as planned or how many times I've just wanted to yell "F*CK IT" and give up. Don't even get me started about how badly you will miss sleep. You will have to change your lifestyle and give up some of those luxuries and miss your friends and family. People don't tell you that.

But what I CAN tell you, that I'm sure every entrepreneur on this Earth can agree with is THAT IT WILL BE WORTH IT. No matter how you feel some mornings, if you are truly passionate about what you are doing then it will be worth it! I hope I didn't scare any hopeful business owners. Not all days suck. I honestly haven't been this happy ever. Just keep in mind that with joy comes pain.

Happy Monday luvahs!