Friday Inspiration (And NO Link Love)

Today's inspiration doesn't come in pretty form like normal (Sorry Not Sorry). But I wanted to share something I read recently that inspired the hell out of me. A few weeks ago while stalking Meg Biram's blog, I came across an interview she did with Mandy from Waiting On Martha. Being slightly familiar with Mandy's blog I immediately began reading and about half way through I couldn't stop. Mandy talks about knowing what she wanted to do (opening up her online shop) and what she had to do to go after it and also her hardships along the way. I'm the type that gets extremely inspired by reading other peoples stories (especially those with similar goals as me) so reading her interview was JUST what I needed. My favorite quote from the interview:

Comparison is the thief of all joy. There is no bigger truth than that. This is my journey and my path to forge. So everyday, I just keep my head down, work hard, and know that it will happen.

To read the full interview click HERE. I also loved reading a post from Mandys blog about her one year anniversary in business and what she has learned.

Sorry no link love today, I figured since I'd have you clicking on all of the links above today I'd give you a break but I am participating in #BackDatAzzUp Friday with Whitney Sarah today.