That One Time I Tried To Dye My Hair Blue

And by that one time I mean a couple days ago. I'm pretty much obsessed with Jeanie Mai (The chick from the Style network) and by obsessed I mean I'm in love with her HAIR! She has this gorgeous black hair with royal blue highlights. I've been wanting to try this for the longest but didn't really grow the balls to try it till recently. And this is coming from the girl who had no issue going from black to blonde to burgundy in a matter of weeks back in high school.

Jeannie MaiOut of pure boredom I ran over to the beauty supply store in excitement to find the perfect shade of semi-permanent blue dye (because I'm not thug enough to dye my hair blue permanently).

blue_hair_dyeSince my hair was a brown-ish color I figured I'd kill two birds with one stone and get the blue and black in one bottle (smart thinking). I got home, put it in and let it sit for way more than the suggested 20 minutes (living life on the wild side). Since my hands were a bright blue I just knew my hair would be exactly what I was hoping for. Right? Sike, wrong! At first I couldn't see any blue it was just really BLACK. But parts of my scalp, extremely blue. Disappointed and slightly mad that I wasted my $4, I let it go. A few days later decided to rewash my hair again and straighten it to see if there was any color. By my surprise there was, but not exactly the color I was looking for.



This my friends would be blue-ish/teal-ish (read GREEN) hair. I'm not sure what wen't wrong but it definitely doesn't look like the bottle and it damn sure doesn't look like Jeanies.  As freaked out as you would think I'd be, the color is actually growing on me but it's not going to stop me from going jet black in a couple weeks. Hashtag HairDONT.

Happy Fake Friday luvahs!


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