Currently Jammin' | "Royals" by Lorde

I hate when I fall in love with a song because I will play it over and over till I'm sick of it (or everyone around me is sick of it). This hasn't happened yet with this song but I have been obsessed with Lorde's song "Royals" for weeks now so its only a matter of time. Its just so chill that I can't help but to do my little two step with one hand in the air whenever I hear it. And yes I recently posted this song, but that's just how much I'm in love with it. Don't worry, my attention span is shorter than a squirrels so I'll probably be obsessed with something else by next week. I was also recently inspired by Helenes blog and her love for music, so expect a lot more of my "Currently Jammin" posts.

Happy Humpday Bae-bee