Nailed It | Transitioning To Fall With Maybelline Nail Polishes

Woke up this morning to a cool breeze outside, which could only mean Fall is right around the corner (no literally the first day of Fall is the 22nd). Anyways this is the time of year that I TRY to put away the extra bright nail colors and replace them with more neutrals. So this week I wen't back with the Color Show nail polishes by Maybelline. After successfully trying their 3D Polka Dot polish I had to see what others colors they offered. I picked up the colors "Impeccable Greys" and  "Classic Camel" from Maybelline's Limited Edition Vintage Leather line.


I absolutely love the "Impeccable Greys" color. It's a really dark smoke grey type color that I can see myself using whenever I get tired of just black. What I didn't know when I bought the "Classic Camel" vintage leather polish is that it is a matte polish made to actually look like vintage leather. Maybe that was dumb on my part but I promise it doesn't say that anywhere on the bottle. Its a thick polish so after one coat just let it dry for the vintage leather look, no top coat needed. I like the look and idea of it, but I'm not a huge fan of a matte polish outside of black.


maybelline_color_show_nail_polish_3Cute right? As always, I purchased these polishes from Target.

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