Reorganize + Declutter

So my goal for September was to reorganize and de-clutter this little life of mine. And 14 days into the month I finally decided to get started on that goal. Better late than never right? Anyways, I began with my new work area. Since Im cramped for space in this house my original plan was to convert my closet into a mini office but then I realized that would take a lot more work than I was ready to do. reorganize_and_declutter So I decided to do something with the HUGE desk that sits in our living room. I didn't intend on making a post about this so sorry for not taking any "before" shots, just know that this desk tend to be a complete MESS! I live with two other people and this desk sits right beside the front door, so you can imagine the random things it collects.


Its a little run down but I like it and has all the essentials I need.


Its not 100% finished. There's still about two drawers filled with old bills and receipts that I need to go through. And I desperately need to put together some kind of budgeting system. Def a work in progress, but after I did all of this yesterday it was time for a nap.


Artwork courtesy of my little cousin. Check out out my old school cheerleading pic though, lawd those glasses.


We know Miley.


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