Just Dance Like It's Already Friday

I thought yesterday was Thursday and just knew it was Friday when I woke up this morning. Damn you iPhone for breaking my heart. Anyways, I was extremely excited for this post today. Im linking up with Helene from Helene In Between today with Songs That Define Me. I already knew this would be hard because I am a music junkie (from hip-hop to country to EDM) and could probably put together a playlist a mile long. But here are a few of my favorite feel good songs and songs that take me back to an exact moment.

This song was the first song that really got me into EDM. Every time I hear it it just makes me wan't to bounce around with a smile on my face. Pretty much anything Calving Harris makes give me that feeling.

"All I Need" by Method Man and Mary J. Blige - This was the first rap song that I knew ALL of the words to. Yeap at the age of about 7 I probably knew it better than most adults. Still hoping that one day at my wedding reception my husband surprises me by performing this, ratchet maybe?

"Through The Wire" - Kanye West. I remember going to my friends house one day after school (10th grade maybe?) and seeing this video on tv. I was STUCK. The song, the video. If I would of had dvr back then I would have played it over and over a million times. From that day till know I have been in love with Kanye's music. Yes he can be slightly confusing but the man is a genius when it comes to music.

Benny and The Jets - Elton John. I have to thank my mother for this. She's another lover of music and I have her to thank for my appreciation in it. Elton John makes damn good feel good music along with everything else made in the 70s.

"I Don't Wan't To Miss A Thing" - Aerosmith. One of my all time favorite love songs EVER and I used to be so ashamed to admit I loved it. I think I was actually called weird once because of it. Whatever.

My wake up song. My sit down and work song. My if I worked out song. All around good mood song.

I have about 100 other songs that I wanted to add to this list, literally. I just wen't off the top of my head this time around. Happy Fake Friday!

Helene in Between
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