I'm Re-Ta-Go

Sure you have heard me say this many of times throughout my blogging career (all 3 months of it). But I am ready to move! I've enjoyed small town living for the majority of my life but I'm ready for a change, preferably in a larger city. I wan't to live in a city where there is always something to do, other than clubbing (seriously, I can only turn up so much). Since I've been on this job search lately I've narrowed down a few cities I could see myself settling down in.

Ft. Lauderdale/Miami - I wen't back in May and fell in love, its EXTRA busy but full of opportunity. And I swear I belong near a beach.


Me in Miami, I look so happy right?

ATLANTA - Since I've began blogging it seems like every time I turn around there are different events going on in Atlanta that I would LOVE to go to. I often stalk That Working Girl and The Urban Realist because of their posts about whats going in Atlanta and places to visit. The A is honestly at the top of my "where do I go" list.

Austin, TX - I've never been, but just like Atlanta it seems like there is always something going on! For years I have been trying to get to SXSW. Why not just live there?

Raleigh/Charlotte - If I HAVE to stay in North Carolina. It would be in either of these two cities. Charlotte is growing like CRAZY and Raleigh gives you an even balance between big and small city.

I love the fact in knowing that nothing is keeping me in one spot and that I'm free to roam and travel as I please (as long as my wallet agrees). Excited to see where I end up.


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