Hi, My Name Is..

So over the weekend during my very brief  "blogging identity crisis", I actually thought about changing my blogs name. I figured since I'm less than 3 months in its now or never. Of course I love my name, but I wanted something that would POP and make people wonder what my blog is about. I just felt like my name could easily be looked over. himynameis

And then I couldn't come up with anything..seriously I sat here for hours contemplating a new name that screamed ME. It got so bad that I even thought of ways to make tequila sound classy.

A Girl & Her Tequila

A Cup of Tequila

Alisha Tequila (yes it crossed my mind, shamefully)

Pitiful right? The whole reason I named my blog The Alisha Nicole is because 1) I'm lazy 2) Its been my twitter name for years and I figured there's no point in changing that and 3) I was on this whole self-branding kick. After a lot of back and forth, I couldn't think of anything worth buying a domain name for. Needless to say I decided to keep The Alisha Nicole. I gave it my honest effort,I just didn't wan't to settle with something that I wasn't completely in love with and end up changing it again later. Can't have ya'll thinking I'm all "wishy washy". I mean there really isn't much that screams ME more than my own name, right? Maybe down the line something great will come to me.

How did you come up with your blog name? Was it hard to do or obvious?


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