Identity Crisis

I'm nearly 3 months into this blogging thing (3 months on the 20th to be exact) and I think I may be going through some sort of "blogging identity crisis".You know when you get off track from why you initially started to blog and try posting things that you see working for other bloggers that may not necessarily be in your "niche". identity_crisis_post


*this pic has nothing to do with this post, I got distracted mid-sentence so I figured Id share*

Granted I don't think I have "officially" found my voice yet. But I do think I have gotten slightly away from my original intentions for this here bloggy space. Maybe its not a bad thing. Maybe I am actually coming into my voice. Change is good and as normal some things don't work out as planned. I just don't want to come off as fake or a "copycat". I wan't my own personality to show through this little website without being too corny and inspire without seeming "fake deep". Pretty much,I just don't want to turn into someone I'm not. Any-way-doe. I'm just rambling. Hope everyone is having a great weekend!