I Really Should Be Getting Paid For This

I've made my decision. This creative-preneur is going back into the working world for a bit. Sad right? After 6 months of putting in work full time for Eclectic Star, I made my decision based on the fact that I'm ready to move..like right now! Bags packed, lets go! No I'm not letting go of my dream of being a self-employed sista', it WILL STILL HAPPEN. I just had to put my big girl pants on and make some decisions that will ultimately help me reach my goals of being a full time entrepreneur.20130902-211715.jpg Since I know I'm not really about that 9 to 5 life (I know from past experiences) I figured it would be best for me to find a job doing something that I would actually enjoy. Preferably something that will allow me to use this extra expensive degree in communications that's in here collecting dust. Public Relations, marketing, advertising..something along those lines. I've been on the hunt a little over a week now and the whole process already has me tensed up and exhausted. For one, ALL companies should allow you to easily apply on their website AND upload your resume without having to type everything out. And you know those questionnaires companies give you that take damn near an hour to finish? Yea that mess should be against the law.

Seriously, looking for a job is a JOB in itself. I should be getting paid for this.

I'm really trying not to let it get to me and learn to leave it up to the big guy above. It's just after my last job I promised I would NEVER put myself in another situation that I hated again. And that's what I'm afraid of happening this time around.

This is another one of those personal posts that I have been hesitating putting up. But like I've said a million times, this blogs purpose is to share my journey (no matter what) and to hopefully inspire and connect with people who are going through the same things I'm going through. Putting my pride aside. If anyone has a career search strategy they would like to share. I'm all ears.


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