When Its Your Time

I talk a lot of crap about not wanting to be in a relationship and how awesome it is to be single. But can I turn into a sap for a moment? I have to admit, THIS chick loves love. All of the romantic yet annoying things couples do, i love it. I wan't it..maybe not today..but definitely one day. 20130828-194109.jpg I just think after a few failed attempts at the whole love thing is what has turned me off from an actual relationship. I've come close a couple times but it seems like it is ALWAYS something that's missing. If I'm going to turn my status to "in a relationship" and let the world know then I wan't it to be REAL. I wan't to be 1000% sure that the person I'm with wants it just as much as I do. I wan't not only a boyfriend but a best-friend.

20130828-194952.jpg I wan't, I wan't, I wan't..I know. I'm probably sounding needy but I'm sure every girl wants this right? Or at least something similar. And don't get me wrong, I'm not rushing it or signing up for random dating sites (a.k.a I'm not desperate). I know it will happen eventually, just curious as to when the heck will it be my time?!


Do us both a favor ;)