The 24hr Disconnection Experience

Nope it didn't even last 24hrs..maybe not even close. If you read my post from yesterday I wen't on this dramatic rant about needing a break from all things technology and social media. I said I wasn't going to touch my iPad, open my laptop or jump on twitter to say something random. Well after I realized that its almost impossible to go a full day without internet (at least for me), I hopped on my iPad to read my daily blogs and opened up my laptop when I got bored and wen't "mental shopping" (almost like window shopping, except from the comforts of your own home). Surprisingly, I only got on Twitter once and that was just to give my thanks to everyone who has been voting for Eclectic Star in the American Made Contest. twitter_breaktwitter_break_2


It was a lot harder than I thought but it was well worth it. I was able to put together a plan and set some goals for both this blog and my business. And some sort of plan I guess you can say for life in general. My "addiction" to social networks is real. Sometimes I get on without even thinking about it. So today was refreshing. And during my little stay-cation I learned a couple things about my self that I didn't realize before.

I NEED a designated work space. The kitchen table is uncomfortable and working from the couch always ends in an impromptu nap.

I didn't miss anything on these social sites. When I finally broke down and got on Twitter, people were still either talking about Miley's VMA fiasco or how much they were ready for Friday. Same ol' same ol'.

It's extremely hard for me to focus. Seriously my attention span is worse than a 5 year olds. Even without social media distracting me, my mind wanders like crazy.

Anyways, the break was good and much needed. Honestly I need to do it more often. We get so caught u in whats going on online that we forget to pay attention to real life (Oprah moment). yada, yada, yada