Nope, This Isn't A Fashion Post

More like a wish list. Since fall is nearing and the majority of my clothes from last year shrunk (that's my story and I'm sticking to it) I've been looking online a lot for a few new cool weather items. I think I've fallen in love with H&M all over again. They have really cute pieces for the "jeans and a tee girls" like me, at a price that us 'starving artists" can afford. And the fact that they have FINALLY started allowing people to shop online is a blessing. I'm never leaving the house. I put together a little collage of my favorites. nope_this_isnt_a_fashion_post


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Cute right? I love things that I'm able to wear several times in diffeent ways and I feel like you can do just that with these items. What are some of your favorite Fall items?

*I should probably say that this is NOT  a sponsored post, I really just love me some H&M.