Nailed It | Pretty In Polka + Berry Juicy

For this weeks nails I stepped a tad bit out of the box again. Except instead of trying my own design I tried a fancy new polish that does all the design work for me. nailedit8_26



I picked up "Pretty In Polka" Polka Dot polish by Maybelline during one of my many dates with Target and paired it with "Berry Juicy" from my favorite brand by Xtreme Wear by Sally Hansen. Let me tell you,the polka dot polish is a 3D nail design polish so it was extremely THICK. You can't apply it like a normal polish, I had to blot it on to my nails instead of "painting" like you would with a normal lacquer. BUT after I figured it out and applied a nice little clear top coat, I fell in love with the final product.



I didn't think it would look like actual polka dots but it does! The design ranges from black to white to pink dots with a light pink base coat.



Needless to say I'll be going back for the other colors Maybelline has. For about $3 this is a quick and easy fool proof mani design and I think the "Berry Juicy" polish really made it stand out.

Has any one tried the insta-gel nail strips? I'm thinking about making that my next project.