So today I have decided to disconnect from EVERYTHING. Meaning all social media and technology. Yeap no twitter, emails, facebook or pinterest and I wrote this post last night so I wouldn't have to log into WordPress. I'm also going to attempt to not pick up my iPad or open my laptop and only use my phone for texts and calls. Have I completely lost it you ask? No, not yet. But I do feel like my mind is cluttered. 20130826-203455.jpg The are a lot of things I want to plan and figure out for this blog and Eclectic Star and I've been having some trouble wrapping my mind around it all. I need new ideas, inspiration and a mental break. So for today its me and my notebook getting out of the house to THINK. Last time I did this it was very refreshing and exactly what I had been needing. So I expect good things this time around.


20130826-204055.jpg I'll be letting you know tomorrow how it goes. I have also scheduled a few tweets today so you don't forget about voting for Eclectic Star in the American Made contest and my most recent blog posts (shameless plug I know)

Happy Tuesday Luvahs :)