Welcome To The "Almost 30" Club

IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!!! Actually it was yesterday, but I'm one of those people who try to milk the whole "its all about me thing" for as long as I can. Turning 25 feels..different. I don't feel older and definitely not wiser but it has me thinking. I'm not sure if its because I'm not exactly where I thought I would be at 25 or if its a pre-mid life crisis going on. I do feel extremely motivated though. There are a million things I wan't to accomplish by 30 and knowing that 30 is now only a few years away, I guess it has lit a fire in me. Get er' done.

A quick recap of my birthday celebration.


The fun began Friday night. My best friends, sister and I got all dolled up and had dinner at Tavo in downtown Greensboro. Seriously probably some of the best salmon, mac and cheese and collard greens I've ever had from a restaurant.



Then this happened...

After dinner it was back to the house to get dressed again for part 2 of the night. This is where the night started to get a little fuzzy. For some reason I decided to celebrate my 25th like a 21 year old (not so brilliant idea). And it didn't end well..at all. Thanks to my little friend Jose Cuervo I woke up this afternoon looking like this.


Struggle face.

I won't go into detail about the night (mainly because I don't remember many of the details) and the way I felt this morning/afternoon. But just know if I never drink again, it will still be too soon. Needless to say my actual birthday was quiet and a hell of a lot less "turnt up" than the night before. My family took me to dinner at The Cheesecake Factory for dinner after I was fully recovered and that was the only thing I could manage to do besides laying across my best friends bed. Overall I had an amazing birthday. Huge thank you to my family and best friends for making me feel so special on my day. I'm going back to bed..