The Notorious V-I-R-G-O

I've never been overly into zodiac signs and meanings.  But since ITS MY BIRTHDAY WEEK and #VirgoSeason starts tomorrow, I had to let the blog world know how damn amazing us virgos are. 20130821-202741.jpg


Virgos are silent killers. I'll be the first to admit that. I'm quiet but do not make my crazy show. Yes this possibly makes us insane, but who wouldn't want somebody like that on their side?!

We are kind and try to see the good in everything. It's a gift and a curse. We will go above and beyond for the people we love, but it also means we tend to put up with a lot of crap longer than most people would.



We are right-brain thinkers. Meaning we are creative, expressive and not too logical.

We're passionate, very passionate. When we love, we love deeply. And we put our all into it. Whether it be in relationships or career.

Independent. I'm not sure if this makes us great or not. But I do know that personally I hate asking for help and being taken care of. Even when I need help the most, I will still bust my rump to figure it out myself.


Michael Jackson


Adam Sandler



Wiz Khalifa

Um, Beyonce!

Didn't I say virgos were some of the best people you'd ever meet?  Starting tomorrow my birthday festivities begin and I don't think I've ever been this excited to get old. Expect full details (the ones I can remember) over the weekend.



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