Introducing "The Locals" | Jumoka Cafe

Since becoming a small business owner I have developed a serious soft spot for local businesses.  So I wanted to start something new on this here blog of mine. "The Locals" list is a series which will feature a look inside some of my favorite local businesses. And not just in my tiny area, as I travel (pray that I travel soon) I will feature and add more shops and restaurants to "the list". For my first stop, I visited a place that is literally 3 minutes away from my house. My best friend and sister have been telling me about Jumoka Cafe for the longest and today I finally had a chance to stop by.

jumoka_6 Jumoka Cafe is a cute little coffee shop located in my hometown of High Point, NC. They specialize in fruit smoothies made from all natural ingredients, homemade baked goods, gourmet coffee and more. For all of you health nuts they can also add spinach or a shot of protein into your smoothie AND they are Weight Watchers friendly.

Jumoka_1jumoka_5Grab a handmade cake, pie or Cindy's cinnamon roll.

jumoka_3Probably the best smoothie I've ever had, "Purple Mango".


I loved the atmosphere there. Very quiet and cozy, PLUS they have FREE WI-FI. I may just have to cheat on Barnes & Noble and make this my new spot. If you're ever in the area I suggest you pay them a visit.


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