Newbie Blogging Tips From Around The Way

Since I started this blog I have been stalking the internet for answers to some of the many questions I've had. From blog design, post inspiration, to the blog "lingo" and a million and one others, I've learned this whole bloggy world can be overwhelming. I'm in no way a "pro", I just believe sharing is caring. So I put together a list of some sites that have helped me so far. newbie_blogging_tips


Venus Trapped In Mars - Sarah is a blogger/graphic designer. Every Saturday she does these "Saturday Sessions" where she walks you through different things you can do to Jazz up your blog.

Wifessionals - "Blogging Secrets" Seriously this is the post I've been praying for! A break down of everything you may ever need to know from starting your blog to sponsors. So good I had to email Kaitlyn to tell her how much I loved this post.

Sunny With A Chance Of Sprinkles - "5 Reasons Why I Hate Your Blog" Don't let the title fool you, this is pretty much a post about what every blog should have.

Creative Kristi - "HTML Cheat Sheet For Bloggers" A brief breakdown of what goes on "behind" the blog.


The Flourishing Abode - I recently put a pic of this Blog Branding 101 printable on my Instagram. Its a work sheet that you can use to organize the branding of your blog before you actually tackle the project.

Sunshine and Sippy Cups - "Finding Your Niche" What kind of blogger do you aspire to be? What are your long term blogging goals? These are a few tips on how to easily figure all that out.

The Busy Budgeting Mama - "Creating My Media Kit" A list of everything that should be included in your blogs media kit.

The Wonder Forest - "SEO Tips for Bloggers" SEO is something that still confuses the crap out of me. Here's a list of the basics.

Just Between Friends - "How To Make Money Blogging" The title speaks for its self. All you need to know about affiliates, ad networks and more.

There are also A LOT of blog tips and tutorials on Pinterest! Just search "blogging" (duh). Seriously it has been my go-to for a lot lately. I hope these links help you as much as they have helped me!  Do you have a blog tip post that has helped you? Let me know below!


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