I've Blogged Before But Not This Kind Of Bloggin'

I've said this before, I'm sure. But not too long ago I had a music blog. Yup, my first born (blog). Her name was Authentic Byrdie. It was all things hip-hop 24/7. Next to creating pretty things, I am EXTREMELY passionate about music. Seriously, test me. At the time I was in love with blogging about music. Staying on top of whats new, who's new and having people trust my musical opinion. I lived for it. The debates that came up about music..hip-hop beef, I was all in it and opinionated. I truly thought I was going to make a career out of it. Then one day, I was turned off. See, music blogging isn't really authentic at all (IMO), except for your opinion of course. And sometimes that is even hard to find. Unless you're doing nothing but posting indie artists that many people may not know about yet then you and a million other blogs will be posting the exact same thing around the exact same time. To where it becomes a race to see who can get the post up first. Honestly, I felt like a little fish in a big pond. I know I probably shouldn't of let that get to me but it did. Plus I was just over saying basically the same things about the same music everyday. It became very mundane. So when I started to get really into EDM and other genres I figured posting about that would give me the pick-me-up that I needed. But my "audience" wasn't really having it. I felt like I couldn't be myself. Yes, I blamed it on starting Eclectic Star and not having time to keep it up but that's the REAL reason. all_bloggers_go_to_heavenNow lets fast forward to present day. I have a new blog and this time its what I like to call a "randomly inspiring lifestyle blog". I've been on this joint for almost two months and again I love everything about this site. But its different this time around. I CAN POST WHAT I WANT. Whatever I'm thinking about or going through it can go here. If I want to attempt to be funny or get really serious, it all can go here.  And that's the best part about it, it's truly authentic. I don't have to see the same things on a million different other blog sites. This time I feel like I have a voice. Its more of me and not what other people are expecting me to be. Oh and yes I'm most definitely a newbie to this side of the bloggy world even with prior blogging experience. Lifestyle blogging and music blogging are TOTALLY different. There are no link ups, button swaps or guest posts in the music blogging world. So you can imagine how I felt "crossing over".

will_you_blog_itOk, I just thought this pic was funny.

 There are times when I really miss blogging about music and feel extra late when my entire Twitter timeline is talking about a new song and I have to go and catch up. So I'm trying to figure out a way to incorporate a little music into this site without taking it away from the original plan of this blog. I really love my little corner of web space. I've run into a few hiccups and creative blocks but so far I'm in love. Basically, I'm here to stay luvahs.

PS: shout out to GoDaddy because I cant remember the last time I paid for any of Authentic Byrdie's services yet the site is still up, just chillen. I WIN


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