Do It With Passion Or Not At All

Remember being a kid and wanting to be a firefighter one week then a doctor the next? Or something of that sort? Well I was never THAT kid. I was extremely in tune with my passion at an early age. When most kids would beg their parents to take them to the toy section in Wal-Mart, I was begging mine to take me to the art supply section. And when most girls were begging for Barbies I was wanting the newest Lisa Frank pens (actually I was begging for both, but you get my point).

do_it_with_passion_or_not_at_allI've always loved to write and create things. I remember writing short stories about a girl going on vacations with her family. Mind you these were REAL stories too with plots and chapters. The first time I actually let someone read my story was in 3rd grade. It was right before we got out of school for the summer and the only thing I remember was my teacher Mrs. Williams telling me to never stop writing. That has stuck with me since then.

I've always been a creative little thing too. At sleepovers instead of playing typical board games we designed little bags with puff paint and made candles. I have to thank my mama for my creative-ness and for letting me paint and draw a bunch of crap on my room walls. Bet your mama wasn't having that. She understood my need to let my creative juices flow.

be_passionateWhen I got to high school I held on to my passion. I joined the school newspaper and did exceptionally well in English class. Even when I was extra confused in college about what the hell I wanted to be when I "grew up", I knew it would have something to do with writing. Yes, I wen't from English to print journalism to public relations. Clearly none of that happened but whatever, look at me now. I own a creative business and I'm over on this blog named after me writing my little heart out.

do_what_you_loveNow I took you on this long trip down memory lane for a reason (and not just because I had a brain fart thinking of a post for today). Mostly to say "stick with what you are passionate about and good things will come". I know a lot of people who jump from job to job wondering why they are never happy. I also know a lot of people who were just as confused as me not knowing what they wanted to do. And I believe its because they haven't taken the time to realize what they are passionate about. Sit down and think about it. Everyone has a purpose whether you know what it is or not. And when you realize what said passion is, trust me you'll know it.

Happy Tuesday Luvahs!


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