I Live Another Life Through Pinterest

I was probably extremely late on the Pinterest train but when I finally hopped on board there was no looking back. No I'm not some kind of creepy "catfish" trying to hook up with guys using a fake identity. But if you were to look at my Pin boards you would think I'm living this expensive fabulous life. Seriously my life is the sh*t via Pinterest.

Another_life_through_pinterestIf you were to look at my "STYLE" board you would assume I'm some hip fashionista living in a large city.

style_collageOh and a fabulous Interior Designer who works out of her very chic dream office.

pinterest_post_2You would also probably think I'm some sort of part time inspirational speaker with all the touching quotes I pin. When honestly I just need a little motivational pick-me-up sometimes.

goodthingsAlong with all that awesomeness apparently I'm a natural hair guru, professional chef, DIY expert and blogging pro. But seriously, I go to Pinterest A LOT for ideas. Especially when I'm having writers block. Plus I've seen a lot of great feedback since I've been "pinning" my blog posts. If you haven't created an account yet I suggest you do so and get started creating your fabulous life like me :)

Happy Pinning (Read: Monday)


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