Im A List Crazed Weirdo

Hello, my name is Alisha and I like to be in control. Yes this is another "girl, get your life moment" sit back and enjoy. 20130807-003820.jpg So I'm a list maker. I create lists for daily tasks, a list for each daily task, a list of things I don't want to forget and anything else that I can possibly create a list for I'm doing it. I think it's because it gives me a sense of control. I feel like everything is in order and organized if I have my lists. And if I don't have a list I'm terrified I will forget something and my whole operation will go up in flames. Lately, my list have been back firing on me. No matter how much I completely on said lists I noticed I still really wasn't getting anything productive done. And of course I started to panic and began writing lists for ways to improve my lists. Yes I've completely lost it. OCD, maybe? Anyways I had to force myself to chill out before it got worst. So I let the lists go and just wen't about my day one hour at a time. To my surprise nothing wen't to crap and I didn't feel as anxious as I normally do trying to go by whats on my lists. It felt good just allowing life to take its course. One thing I have always been taught is if something is meant to happen, it will happen no matter what you do. And there is absolutely no point in being busy if what you're doing isn't fruitful. Now I can't say that I will let all of my lists go, I'm a little cray cray work in progress but I will be better at letting go more often.


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