Survival Of The Break-Ups

Remember when I said that I could probably teach a relationship 101 class? No? Well I could. I think that I've probably dated every "type" and been through almost every relationship situation imaginable. I was laying here thinking about all of the crap I've been through with the opposite sex and how I've managed to get over the douches. Some good ways that I'm very proud of  and some bad ways that I will never speak of again. So I figured I'd offer up a few amateur do's and don'ts of breaking up. survival_of_the_breakups

  • First off, the worst thing you could ever do is hook-up with somebody else to get over an Ex. It only numbs the pain for the moment and it would be stupid to jump into another relationship when you're not really over the previous.
  • Absence makes the heart grow fonder? Yea that's BS too. Get rid of all pictures, texts, love notes and whatever else. If it's really over, what are you reflecting on? And delete their number, unless you're a braniac like me and have it memorized then deleting it would be pointless.


  •   Get out! All of those chick flicks that tell you to sit at home for days un-bathed, crying in his t-shirt while eating and drinking everything in site are full of crap. Its actually torture if you need to get over him. Get out of the house and take your mind off it.
  • Let karma handle it. So you probably think he is the scum of the Earth right now and you have this urge to slash his tires or maybe even cause him bodily harm. Don't do it, karma is a b*tch and it will come back around. And take it from me, blowing up his phone leaving rude messages won't help either. (personal truth moment).dating_your_ex
  • And lastly, remember your worth! If he was a complete jerk throughout your entire relationship and didn't realize how amazing you are, just remember that you can do better. And if you don't think you can email me, seriously and I will give you a million reasons why you can do better).

Remember I said this was amateur advice, meaning I'm no certified relationship counselor but I have a crazy load of experience. I'm just trying to spread the word to keep you from catching a lawsuit, going crazy or going back to an unhealthy relationship. There are some circumstances where ex's do get back together and live happily ever after and all that good stuff. But in the case that doesn't happen for you, I have you covered.