Sharp Shooter

**Warning: Expect fuzzy iPhone Pics**

Yesterday my sister, mom, cousins and I went to the gun range for a little target practice. This was my first time going and my first time shooting a gun by myself so initially I was extremely excited. Until we got in and read the beginners movie..yes I mean read. They sat us in front of a tv and played a video with no sound and we had to read through the basics of shooting a gun and gun protection. Then at the end it said "Imagine having to explain to a child why daddy isn't come home". What a buzz kill right? Then I started thinking about how people die everyday from guns because of miss use and it just ruined all of my excitement.


But just in case some shit goes down or the zombie apocalypse happens my mom wanted us to have some knowledge of a gun so I proceeded. You should know that the sound of gun shots sound nothing like fireworks and are a lot louder than they are on tv. Each time someone in the range let one off I felt fear run through my body quick until the next one. Minus my sweaty palms and shaking I did do pretty good though. shoot4shoot2

I think I'd be better with pepper spray or a nice pink taser. I would go back though, this world has gotten crazy and if need be I would like to be more comfortable handling one. But as always, Make Love Not War.


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