Dear August, Lets Have A Chat

I'm always so glad yet so sad to see you. This is the month I was brought into this world yet you're another reminder that summer is almost over. So lets discuss you because I need you to make sure a few things happen. DearAugust

First off, please be better than July because July kind of it sucked BIG time. None of that  having to cut someone off or angry moments, kay? So don't let me down these next 31 days. I ask that you strengthen my business and get me out of this creative block I've been wrestling with. I can't afford to waste anymore supplies on not-so-great ideas. In officially 24 days I'll be turning 25. 25 is a huge deal, so please let my birthday be epic. I mean all out balls to the wall type epic. I only turn 25 once so lets make it count. Oh and I'd like some understanding of this whole bloggy world before I begin making up my own understanding.  It would be cool too if you allowed me to get away form the norm more often this month, even if it's only for a moment. I need it! Above all August, please just be good to me!

Since this is officially my month, there is a board over on Pinterest dedicated to this National Holiday we call my birthday. It's filled with all of my birthday wishes including Adam Levine, cars, tequila and expensive bags I know I can't afford. A girl can dream though right?

What do you need August to do for you?



Her & Nicole