I Have A Thing For Bloggers Pt. 2 | Music

ihaveathingforblogs I live and breathe music. In another life I honestly believe I was either a rapper or an A&R at some large record label. So for the second installment of this series of course I had to list a few of my favorite music sites. In no particular order.

  1. Pigeons & Planes: If you love EDM, hip-hop, Indie artists and everything in between then this is the site you need to be going to. I stalk it daily..
  2. 2DopeBoyz: All things hip-hop all the time. I have them to thank for keeping me in "the loop".
  3. Karen Civil: To say I admire this woman would be an understatement. From her music blog to numerous other business ventures. I adore her. (creepy I know)
  4. Ashley Outrageous: I've been reading her blog probably since she first started it. Her site has always kept me up to date with new artists with her interviews and daily posts. If she co-signs on it, that means its probably something you should be listening to.

Short but sweet, but it's really all I need to stay "in the know". Who are some of your favorite music bloggers?



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