Why I Shouldn't/Couldn't Be A Fashion Blogger

Starting a blog I believe the main goal for anyone  is to find your voice and your niche. Before I began this site I stalked blogs all the time to kind of get an idea of what I wanted to write about. So I thought about fashion, I think I'm pretty cute and I know how to match. Plus my STYLE board on Pinterest is the shhh. I could write about fashion, right? Sike girl your wrong! I quickly learned that's not even the beginning of what you would need to start a fashion blog. My respect for fashion bloggers runs DEEP! The time and effort it takes to figure out the perfect outfit then put on a full photo shoot for said outfit THEN write about it is something I admire as a fellow blogger. The knowledge of all these brands and whats in season and whats not, wheww child my memory couldn't handle it. I especially love the blogs that show me how to style that $15 shirt from Forever 21 twelve different ways, I adore you. As much as I love to stalk fashion blogs, I couldn't do it. And not just because my go-to style is a band tee and a pair of cut offs. I_shouldnt_fashion_blog

My Go-To Style: The majority of the time it's jeans and a tee or tee and a pair of cut off shorts in the summer. I can think of a million different combinations. Easy and cute, so why not? (Yes, this is my favorite $15 Forever 21 tee that I've worn twelve different ways!)


rainbows My Favorite Pair Of Shoes: Most fashion bloggers I'm sure have some sort of weird obsession with shoes. Eh me? I stick to my Red Chucks and Rainbows. I should probably be ashamed of this, but whatever. I love them and they pretty much go with EVERYTHING.


#ForeverLonely: Do you know how hard it has to be to get someone to take decent pics of you EVERYDAY? I'm by myself for at least 9 hours a day and no one wants to read a fashion blog filled with selfies at awkward angles.


Now I'm not a complete lost cause. When its time, I have no problem getting out jeans and a tee comfort zone. And surprisingly I don't look like a duck walking in heels. I just know what I like. So to the fashion bloggers, I pay homage because I definitely couldn't keep up!

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