I Just Added "Find A Boyfriend" To My To-Do List

I'm so wishy-washy when it comes to relationships. Sometimes I'm all like "I Wan't A Boo" then other times I'm completely annoyed at the thought of having to entertain another human being. There are some pros and cons of having a boyfriend or maybe I'm suffering from mild bi-polar-ness. PROS:

  1. Attention - You don't have to be an attention WHORE but every girl loves it. Especially if its from someone you actually like and not from some random man on the street.
  2. Entertainment - Well of course a sexy guy piece comes in handy when your bored out of your mind and all of your friends are busy.
  3. Gifts - No I'm not a gold digger. I'm talking birthdays, holidays and just because its Tuesday gifts.
  4. Date Night - I LOVE TO EAT! Need I say more? You ever wan't to see a movie really really bad but don't have anyone to go with? Or starving but don't wan't to seem extremely creepy sitting in a restaurant by yourself? Just call your man he'll take you. Convenient right?


Now to the CONS:

  1. Smothering - We all need space. I particularly adore the hell out of my space. And if your boyfriend happens to be the needy clingy type, then guess what isn't going to work? That boyfriend.
  2. Arguments - I don't have TIME and I will sit there either with the blank stare or say something extremely disrespectful. Its bound to happen in a relationship from time to time.
  3. Break-Ups - When its over it rarely ends well. Normally someone is yelling and crying and you walk away wondering why the hell you dated that person anyway. NOT HOT!

Until I can consistently wan't a man for more than just a moment I think it is best I stick with the way I'm doing things. Solo Dolo. Maybe I'll consider it later.

Signed, #ForeverLonely (insert straight face emoji) lol