Quoted | Who Cares About Who Cares?

20130723-002229.jpg 8am will be here before I know it and I'll be thinking of a million reasons why I deserve 10 more minutes of sleep but I just felt like talking (even though I'm probably to myself at this hour). One of the best feelings ever in life has to be truly not caring what anyone thinks of you or what you do. I've ALWAYS struggled with it, wondering how people will look at me if I said this or how people would look at me if I did this. Up until recently I've began to let it go (and unfortunately I still have my moments). But why do we care so much? I understand that we are all human and that we are eager to be accepted by someone. But is acceptance that important to where we will silence ourselves in hopes to be liked? You could be doing a million things right and some people will always find that one thing that you may have done wrong. You can't please everyone, so why do we care what they think? Might as well keep living.