Monday Inspiration + My Fur Babies Birthday

20130721-174110.jpg Yes the weekend is over and your probably a tad bit sad but its amazing how a smile and a few positive thoughts can change your mood around. Pick your face up and have a happy Monday!

And now for the REAL reason this Monday is awesome!


My 20 pound bundle of joy turns 3 today. Three years ago Porkchop (yes HER name is really Porkchop reference the 90s cartoon Doug) was born and about 5 weeks after that I adopted her from some strange lady I found on Craigslist. I'm definitely one of THOSE dog owners. I treat her as if she's human, my mom refers to her as her grand-dog and I probably love her just as much as most people love their little human babies. Oh and we are having a cute little party for her later today, I'm that bad. I never in a million years would of thought I'd be responsible enough to take care of a living being but I've proved myself and everyone else who thought i was going to take her to the pound wrong.

chopbday2Yes, she poses for pictures.


chopbday5The big one is my moms dog Miley.


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