Just Speaking From Experience

20130721-235815.jpg I've been in a few relationships before where I felt like I had to change who I was in order to keep them around. Not in the physical sense but giving up who I was to please them. No going out, no having male friends, pretty much no life of your own. And after my last relationship, mind you buddy told me that I should just keep Eclectic Star as a hobby, I vowed to never change who I was to please anybody whether it be a boyfriend or a friendship. If someone truly loves you they will wan't you to be happy whether its starting a business or hanging with your friends from time to time or even in some cases if it means letting you go so that you can be happy with someone else. They should ALWAYS wan't to see you happy. And no I'm not saying go out and get crazy because you still have to show your relationship some respect but pleaassee stop letting these men change who you are. KNOW YOUR WORTH! If he is trying to change everything about you then he doesn't love you he loves the thought of what he can potentially mold you into being. If your situation makes you sad more than it makes you happy then honey that is NOT love. Don't be naive. I've been there and it breaks my heart to see other women go through it unhappily. Positive change is good. At the end of the day your opinion of yourself is all that matters. If he is wanting you to be you and go after what you wan't and what makes YOU happy, then keep him close. Because THAT my friend, is love.

Sorry to get all preachy on the late night but I had to vent a little.