A Moment In Branding

TANBizCards OK, this made me excited! Since I'll be attending my first blogger event this week (#NCBlogBuzz) I had to hurry up and put a few business cards together. I'm still working on branding, trying to figure out which colors I wan't to use on the site and if I want to keep this logo or go a completely different route. So I decided just to make my business cards cute this time around. Thanks to the lovely folks at Staples I was able to design my cards online last night (using one of their pre-made templates) and picked them up today. I was kind of iffy over the design, I felt like the hand may come off a little too childish but I think they turned out GREAT. In the future I'm thinking of maybe doing a two-sided card for both my blog and Eclectic Star. Kill two birds with one stone.