5 Reasons Why You Should Take That Leap Of Faith

Whether its wanting to start your own business, blog or simply change careers. I am a firm believer that if your not sure there are signs pointing you in the right direction. For me they were pretty clear, like smacking me right in the face clear. I just did my best to try and ignore them for as long as I could because of fear. But I did it and I couldn't be happier. Here are some reasons (in my opinion of course) why you should at least take it into consideration. 5reasonswhy

1. You're unhappy - We all know what that feels like right? Do you wake up every morning wanting to cry or dread getting up because of your current situation. Well that means your unhappy and it may be time for you to move on.

2. You're uninterested - I was notorious for being uninterested and not just because I have a low attention span. Team meetings? Wasn't into it. Sitting at my desk for multiple hours at a time? Nope, I walked so many laps around that place that I should never have to exercise again.

3. You're already on the verge of being fired - Are you that over it to where it has been affecting your job performance? And you are quite possibly on your last straw? Then it may be time to move it along.

4. You're passionate about something else - I know exactly how it feels to be at work and not be able to do anything but think about doing what I was truly passionate about. I spent many a work days doodling bracelets on company paper. Being passionate about something is undeniable and once you figure out exactly what your passionate about it will consume you (in a good way of course)

5. Just Ready For Change - We are all human and we get extremely bored with the normal routine. Anyone who does the same thing everyday for years straight will potentially get bored with it. As scary as it may seem at first there is nothing wrong with change. Even if it just means starting off small like switching up what you eat or taking a different route to work. Change is GOOD!

Now i'm not saying go out and quit your jobs and become free spirited hippies (unless that's what your in to then its totally cool with me). Above all just do more of what makes YOU happy. If your still nervous then I suggest praying about it or talking to someone who is close to you or just go with your gut feeling. Trust me taking that leap of faith will feel a lot better than wishing you did.


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