Promise I Don't Just Sit Around And Blog All Day

I've gotten so caught up in the joy of finally being able to freely write again that I don't think I've ever really mentioned what I do outside of this site. As I mentioned in my first post I am a new CREATIVEpreneur and the owner of the online shop Eclectic Star. OfficialLogo

Through Eclectic Star I create handmade bohemian style accessories and most recently began selling tee shirts and tanks tops. YUP handmade! Not only do I design each product myself I make them too! (Minus the tees and tanks, but that's obvious). For the past year and some change Eclectic Star has been like my child.I love every bit of it and I'm truly amazed at how much it has grown and how much better I've gotten at my craft. The majority of my day is spent either making or thinking of new products to create and then brainstorming marketing strategies. I am truly blessed to be able to wake up and do something that I love everyday.


I honestly don't believe handmade products/businesses get enough credit they deserve and building my brand damn sure hasn't been easy. Which is one of the reasons why I started this blog. I want to document my journey so when I do get to the point where I'm completely happy in my career I'll be able to look back on everything I've gone through. Although I'm far from a business expert, I also want to be able to share little bits of business info with anyone who maybe new business owner as well.TANSign

Be sure to check out my site Eclectic Star and follow me on Twitter, Instagram and Bloglovin'!