Dear High School Self

Dear High School Alisha, Hey girl! First off stop perming then coloring then a week later perming your hair again. In about  two years its all going to begin to fall out but trust me going natural will be worth it. And you think life is hard now? Being told no when you ask to go out or no when you ask for a new pair of shoes is nothing! Trust me it's going to get worse then good then worse again and you will appreciate these moments.


Which brings me to the next topic please stop trying to grow up so fast. Your adult self is not that cool, especially your adult life. So slow down! And that boy, that boy and especially THAT boy are not the loves of your life and neither will be the guys you meet in college. They are all jerks! (Your love will come, he aint here yet but be patient!) In a few years you will look back in disgust at what you used to be "in love" with. Those boys mama told you not to get involved with because they were bad for you. Yea your pissed now but guess what? She's right! And you will thank her for that later and realize all those arguments you had with her were pointless. And she's your best friend now, who would of thought huh? All those friends you have now, your bff's? Well boo with the exception of two, the rest won't be your friends a few years from now and you'll be cool with that. Cutting people off gets easier as you get older. You'll meet some pretty amazing people in college and some of those won't last either but that's a whole different letter. Needless to say, you have great friends who will be there for you and they are amazing!


Youngin' stop trying to fit in, yes your quiet, skinny and a bit awkward but that's what makes you YOU.Your beautiful and please walk with your head up (literally). Don't ever be ashamed of who you are or try to change it. You won't be skinny and awkward forever and eventually you will find your voice. Ok I'm lying your 24 year old self is still skinny and awkward but you'll become proud of it and comfortable in your own skin. Lastly do what makes YOU happy. You'll learn quick in a few years that trying to please everyone other than yourself will make you miserable. But you will catch on quick and when you do you will be a force to be reckoned with.


P.S "Back Dat Ass Up" is your favorite song now and still will be 6 years from now, so it's totally fine that you put it on all of your mix cd's.