Sunday Funday My Way

My yesterday SUCKED! Between having to cut someone close off, being bored, the verdict of the Trayvon Martin case and then finding out Fin from Glee passed away I am completely O.V.E.R IT. So I'm dedicating this gorgeous Sunday to me, preparing my mind and body for the week to come. sundayfunday

Tweaking up the blog, attempting to fix my twitter widget that NEVER wants to load while listening to my Sunday Jamz.


Catching up on my reading. Currently reading Blog, Inc by Joy Deangdeelert Cho (review will be coming as soon as I finish it!)


I caught up on my Bloglovin' feed and also found some new blogs to stalk. (That Working Girl, The Urban Realist & Mattieologie)

Needless to say I'm getting my ish together today from the comforts of my bed. Add in a few unplanned cat naps, some nail polish and my Sunday night shows and I'm a happy camper. Thank God for a new day! How are you spending your Sunday Funday??