Buildings, Babies and Love

I'm notorious for having crazy realistic dreams. Not like hopes and aspirations but dreams like after you fall asleep. Not sure if it should be blamed on my late night snacks or what I fall asleep to on tv but my brain goes into hyper mode after I knock out. Few nights ago I had a 3-part dream that completely freaked me the hell out. Me being in a building that was under construction, I immediately thought that maybe it was my future shop that I would LOVE to open up for Eclectic Star. The second part I was knocked up. Terrifying. The third part some anonymous guy was asking me to be his girlfriend. Terrifying, i'm not ready for a relationship and why the heck did the baby come before the love?! Anyways I dug up my old dream book to try and make sense of all of it. DreamBook

Under Construction Building - According to the book the building is a representation of my life. Maybe my life was in shambles before and I'm finally getting my crap together.

Me Being Prego - I always thought if you had a dream you were preggers that it meant somebody you were close to was pregnant, so I've been side eyeing the hell out of everybody. Apparently that's not the case, I was terrified at the thought of being pregnant so according to the book I'm either worried that I may have accidentally gotten pregnant or my unconscious is urging me to be more "careful" in real life. Um, ok.

Love - I'm not opposed to it happening just not out looking for it. Allegedly because I'm not in an actual relationship my conscious is urging me to tell someone how I really feel. Ha! Not gonna happen.

Can't say that all these explanations are true but it does make sense to some extent.