Grow Your Handmade Business (Book Review)

I'm always on the search for a good book, especially a good business book or something inspirational. My most recent summer read has been Grow Your Handmade Business: How To Envision, Develop, and Sustain a Successful Creative Business  by Kari Chapin. It caught my interest immediately because I have yet to find a business book made ESPECIALLY for creators. There's so much valuable info in these 20 chapters that its literally taken me over a month to finish it (because I'm an extreme note-taker).

Kari breaks down everything a CREATIVEpreneur may need to get started and run their business. From deciding on if its the right time to turn your hobby into a business, to setting and reaching goals, to licensing and opening up a brick-and-mortar. She also goes into depth on how to write a non-traditional business plan in a way that doesn't seem intimidating or confusing but still good enough to present to banks for loans. I also love how within her chapters she adds in little exercises for you to do as your reading.

She keeps it interesting, not like most traditional business books where the writing is dry and the pages are bland. She writes as if you are on the phone with her or speaking in person. Kari also inserts comments, tips and interviews from her "Creative Collective" which is a group of handpicked creativepreneurs ready to share their stories. Getting advice from people who have already been through what your going through makes the process seem a little easier.

Overall I would recommend this book to any creator who is thinking about turning their hobby into a business or one that has already set up shop. Even if your not into crafting or photography there is a lot of great information any type of business owner could use. Grab your own copy HERE.

My Favorite Part: Chapters 14 through 18, they are all about money. How to plan, make and budget your earnings. Something I've struggled with and Kari goes into detail about it all.

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