10 Reasons Why I'm Probably Single (And Loving It)

I absolutely hate the "Why Are You Single" question. For me I really don't know what to say without going into depth of why my last relationship sucked, so 85% of the time (if i'm not interested) I just say "Because I'm crazy".  So I figured I'd over analyze the crap out of why I'm REALLY single. 1. I Value My Time - This can go multiple ways, If I'm interested I won't waste your time, so I expect the same thing for anyone that I'm talking to. I'm all for casual dating but I'm almost 25 if thats all your interested in keep it moving.

2.I Hate Being "Hollered" At - "aye baby" "aye girl" "when we going to chill" just wont cut it, 17 year old me would of probably fallen in love with that but little old me ain't having it. Like what happened to asking a lady out on a date?

3. I'm in love with my career -Probably what partially led to me and my ex breaking up, I love my business and everything about it at this point it comes before pretty much everything.

4. I'm crazy - Not slash your tires and break into your house type crazy, but I will go off very loudly and call you disrespectful names...know that.


5. I'm a over thinker- Not paranoid or insecure but I will over analyze the crap out of a situation. I'll take one statement and turn it into something completely different.

6. I'm A Home-body - Cant really meet your future boyfriend sitting on the couch =/

7. I Love My Friends - And i expect anyone I date to love them as well or at least take the initiative to get to know them. Their my family, recognize it, understand it and never complain about it.

8. I refuse to settle - this could be a post of its own but i'll keep it short and sweet. I'm grown, I know what I want..i don't expect you to be perfect but just know I wont put up with average or half ass'n.

9. I'm scattered brained w/ un-diagnosed memory lost - My memory sucks, birthdays, phone numbers, anniversaries I suck at remembering doesn't mean I dint care I legit just cant remember.

10. Being single is fun - I can party, go out and LIVE without someone breathing down my back. The freedom is real.

Don't get me wrong, I've been told I'm a GREAT girlfriend..very compassionate and willing to go above and beyond for someone I care about...I'm just not for the faint of heart.

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