Heelloooo July!

julygoal Each month I try to set a goal, something I've either had trouble with doing or been wanting to do for a long time. For July, my goal is to GET THE HELL OUT. I seriously spend way too much time at home like my couch has become my new comfort zone and I need to get out and network more. Even if its only for an hour or two I think some sun rays and human interaction will do my body some good.

To get me started I've printed these Eclectic Star flyers (made with Microsoft office) to go pass out and i"m not allowing myself to come home until they are all gone.


For a mini goal i'm going to squeeze in some work outs. Nothing crazy, i'm already small i don't need to disappear. I'm talking squats and these legs exercises my sis taught me to help build up my calf muscles and hopefully I can get back into my yoga routine. I reaalllyy need for July to be good to me!