Lazy Saturdays

While the rest of the world is out enjoying this gorgeous Saturday, i'm on my couch catching up on Glee (yes, Glee starting from season 1) and reading my fav mags via the iPad. Sometime today i'll roll over and package up orders for Eclectic Star..sometime today. After a failed attempt to go out last night that ended up turning into a long night, I don't feel like doing much of anything. magazine

If your on the couch like me here are a few things for you to get into ->

IWoreYogaPants - One of my favorite lifestyle blogs, I keep up with her posts daily

Tracee Ellis Ross - My hair crush & favorite girlfriend, her blog takes you through her daily life, hair, style and more

Pigeons & Planes - If you love everything from rap to EDM, check out this blog..daily updates and first listen to whats new.

Netflix - One of the best movies ever from my child hood, Drop Dead Fred was just added.

Pinterest - Normally my late night go-to social media network but i've spent hours finding diys, food and inspiration.