Thursday People Watching x Pool Side Chillen'

me Guess who got out of the house today?! THIS GUY! After a long day yesterday of just waiting for the UPS guy then being stuck inside because of the mini monsoon, I had to come out for some fresh air. My Thursday via iPhone pics :)


With no real place to go after running errands I decided to go people watch in Barnes and Noble. Strange? Yes but we all have our "things". Plus I was looking for a new book.

**For my fellow single ladies, visit Barnes and Noble right around exam time. Technically that's the only time people watching is acceptable because it then turns into hot studious guy watching..thank me later ;) **


Then pool side with my bestest, catching up and plotting our next move. I bought three new bathing suits since its been hot so they WILL be seen, hope she knows we will be taking more trips to the pool.

Anyone who knows me knows I don't leave the house often, I am a certified homebody especially since i've started working from home.  But it feels good to get out, def need to figure out how to work outside of my comfort zone more often.