My Extreme Dive of Faith

leapoffaith Or "Leap Of Faith" as most people call it. I can be a tad bit dramatic but my leap of faith was extreme to me. A little over three months ago I was sitting in my call center cubicle on the phone with a heavy chest and tears in my eyes. I had just been cursed out by an irate patient and couldn't get any help from my so-called "supervisor". Months before I had been praying and praying for God to send me a sign confirming that it was ok for me to quit and work on Eclectic Star full time. After being called every "b-word" and "n-word" imaginable I was OVER it. Completely, 100% done. I was over waking up every morning with tears in my eyes because I had to go to a job that I hated that was over 45min away. I was tired of feeling drained of every bit of creativity that I had in me. I knew working for someone else wasn't for me. I continued to pray, and after many talks with my mom and a "right on time"  Joyce Meyer devotional (the scripture was Isiah 41:10) I put in my 2-weeks notice.

Was I scared? Hell yea I was terrified! Self-doubt can be a "B" (I'll save that for another post). I've worked since I was 15 years old and the thought of not getting a guaranteed paycheck every two weeks literally made me weak sometimes. But I felt like everything in my life starting with having to move back home after college was preparing me for this moment. What I wanted was sitting right there waiting for me I just had to take the chance to go and get it. Honestly, I have never been as happy as I am now. I wake up every morning and do what I love. I feel like i'm fulfilling my purpose, finally understanding who I am. The "leap" was well worth it. Now I'm not telling you to go out and quit your jobs, but taking chances is the only way to change. Figure out what it is that you want, recognize whats stopping you then go for it. Either that or be 80 years old saying "I shoulda,coulda,woulda".