The Fancy: Cartier Love Bangles

cartierlove Now normally, my wrist is filled with colorful EclecticStar pieces, but I would change all of that (to my left wrist at-least) for one of these bad boys! I may be a little late or out of the loop because these are OUT of my price range but I have absolutely fallen in love with these Cartier LOVE bangles. As seen on your favorite Kardashian and many other celebs the prices start around $4000 for a basic bangle and go up to the extreme amount of $57k for the diamond pave bangles. Like I said def out of my price range but i'm officially adding this to my "When I'm Ballin,Hit The Lotto Or find a Suga Daddy" list.

Love it but can't afford it? FrugalFinds NYC offers a Cartier inspired bracelet just like the one at the top for only $12.99 in gold, silver and rose gold.